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Our Church Unique

A Church Unique - Simple


“Without a Vision, the people perish.”

Utilizing the work of Will Mancini from Auxano and his book “Church Unique,” we are pursuing a missional framework that captures and releases our church into full time mission throughout our city, county, the Bluegrass and world. Please join us for the conversation that will release, inspire and equip us all to find God’s call on our hearts. (For more information about Will Mancini and Auxano, click here)


Missional Mandate – Our Mission

The Mission of the local church is an extension of Christ’s call to all who are his followers. For Jesus, the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven wasn’t just part of an add on prayer. It was a call to a new reality. Jesus taught his followers and his final charge to the disciple was that as they go out they should baptize and teaching that God’s Kingdom was actively breaking forth in the world today.  The local mission of the church asks the question “What do we do as His followers?”

The Missional Mandate of Lancaster UMC is:
“Inviting our neighbors to become part of a family growing in grace.” 

Missional Motives – Values

The values of a church are the shared convictions that guide our actions and show our strengths. These are the motives that are the very heartbeat of what we do. The reflect what makes our church kick and gives us focus for the decisions we make. Values help us answer the question “Why are we dong this?”


Misisonal Map – Strategy

The strategies show us the way. We can’t do everything as a church. But we can do certain things with great excellence. These certain things help us to achieve our mission and let us live out our values with vitality and passion. Our strategies help us answer the question “How are we doing the mission?”


Missional Marks – Measures

When have we hit the mark? When does a church know it’s successful in fulfilling it’s mission? Missional marks invite our church to reflect whether we truly aren akin the difference we long to make. Measures are the attributes in the life of the individual church member that reflect the accomplishment of our mission. The question we’re longing to answer here is “When are we successful?”


Vision Proper

With the framework completed we begin to dream about where God is taking us. With Mission, Values, Strategies and Measures in place, the church is uniquely set up to accomplish God’s preferred future. This is in an ongoing process, but it allow us to make single emphasizes for the years to come.